Digital Marketing

Surely recognises that digital marketing is a key aspect of acquiring customers online – and that this area has increasingly become a highly expert field. Our software platform incorporates the key elements that digital marketing teams desire, with the facility to track and analyse all user clicks and actions and plug in various third-party analysis and support tools.

While we do not offer digital marketing services ourselves (indeed, many of our clients have their own in-house marketing teams or preferred external agencies), we do partner with leading companies in the field who can assist in this area.

These include:

  • Clicks2Customers, an expert in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, e.g. AdWords and Google Display Network
  • Emarketeers, the UK’s largest independent provider of digital marketing training and consulting.
  • Rocketer, an expert in Facebook marketing campaigns (both ad serving and consumer engagement)
Contact us for more information on these services and partnerships