Robo Broker platform

A platform to help consumers store, manage, analyse and procure all their insurance policies in one place.

As computing technology continues to progress apace, it has become possible to build a platform to assist consumers in managing all their insurance policies in a highly personalised way.

Surely’s Robo Broker platform is a white-label solution to do just this, providing the following key capabilities.

Key capabilities:

  • Capture and store all policy details (including types of cover, start and end dates, provider details, policy documents, premium and payment information, and relevant contact numbers).
  • Analyse the policies to assess if the coverage is suitable for requirements, and analyse how premiums are paid across all the policies for cashflow management.
  • Assist in managing the portfolio (e.g. reminders for renewal dates, tracking progress of a claim) including management of the underlying assets being insured (e.g. car MOT dates, vehicle tax renewals, etc.).
  • Assist in procuring new policies or renewing policies on a competitive basis, by automatically searching the market for the best deals (using the consumer’s chosen criteria) and providing relevant information about the different classes of insurance.
  • Assist in keeping the portfolio optimised going forward, using the data that has already been provided without the need for constant rekeying – and without sharing unnecessary data with third parties.

The architecture of the Robo Broker platform is shown in the figure below:

surely robo broker


It consists of the following components:

  • A front-end layer
  • An API layer (Policy Import Engine, Secure Document Store, Reminders Engine, Policy Analysis Engine, Renewals Engine and Quote Engine)
  • Integration with a number of quotation gateways and product providers

Our Robo Broker  platform is hosted in the cloud and can be delivered to consumers as a stand-alone system or as part of an existing system (e.g. a wealth management platform). Using the latest cutting-edge technology, it can be delivered over the web, on tablets, or on smartphones (either a mobile website or native apps).

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Further information can be found in our white paper (co-authored with ACORD).
The Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR) was published in Mar 2016
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