Company Overview

The Surely Group was established in 2013 by an experienced team of entrepreneurs, insurance industry experts and technologists.

We believe strongly that the insurance industry is ripe for innovative technology solutions, which we deliver through Surely Services Ltd. We use our technology ourselves in our online brokerage business within our group (Surely Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA as an insurance intermediary). This approach gives us deep insights into the genuine issues associated with distributing insurance products online, thereby informing our product requirements and feature set.

We’re based in the UK and our registered offices are at 7 Granard Business Centre, Bunns Lane, London, NW7 2DQ, UK. Our companies are registered in England, and Surely Services Ltd (no. 08723685) is part of Surely Group Ltd (no. 08722665).


We are always on the lookout for bright candidates seeking to work in a dynamic insurance startup.

If this sounds like you, please do send us a brief email and CV to (no agencies please).

Software Developers

Experts in open-source (Java, LAMP) and UX, building out our core platform.

Project Manager

Expert in programme and project management, applying agile techniques across multiple client projects

Meet Our Senior Team

Larry Shapiro


Larry loves building companies from scratch, this being his third startup. A technologist by nature, he has a doctorate in Robotics from Oxford and has worked in UK high tech for 20 years. Prior to co-founding Surely, he built and ran a financial services software house which was successfully acquired in 2012.

John Levin

Executive Chairman

John is determined to use technology to improve the insurance industry. He previously owned an insurance company, is a director of a number of insurance-related businesses and founded a multi-utility business listed on the London Stock exchange.

Jason Le Page


Jason has a passion for technology and innovative software development, having programmed professionally for over 15 years. Prior to joining Surely he built enterprise solutions for financial services & insurance clients, including SCOR, Wells Fargo and Visa. He held senior technical roles at Northdoor, Linksfield Technologies and Sapiens